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Nov. 2004 NewsLetter image Dec 04, 2004

Newsletter Nov. Edition by Larry Gable

Happy Holidays -- and here is the update. Our meeting of 11/06/04 was yet another good one- We had 17 attend. I brought a television with the video footage taken the day we rented the track at Leicester. We set it right on the dinning table and ate while we watched. That was cool. Renting the track last Sept was just a great time. It was agreed at out last meeting we would rent the track twice- once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

Also- Ron Turch is taking orders for T-Shirts. Call him at 716-825 -4042. Winter and Spring indoor car shows-- anyone interested? They usually take place the 1st and third weekends of March. Let me know, where as I hope to enter my cars and I could use the company (716-947-9218).

At the last meeting we recognized Ed Chapman's accomplishment at the Nationals in KY. He raced the Stock Bracket 5 class and came in second place (that's one behind first). At the Nationals that is something we as a club are proud of-- Very Nice job Ed, Congratulations.

It should also be know at this last meeting John MacPherson brought some pictures of his ongoing project. As you may know he ran 10's with his Silver Bullet (T) until the track owner kicked his butt out because he had no roll bar. Well, rather than cutting up the "T" - he took a one man road trip to NEAR BY Arkansas and tailored home a rolling chassis equipped with a roll bar. I understand he will be putting the stock APPEARING block back into the Silver T and the 10 sec motor into the rolling chassis. Get his autograph NOW before he becomes famous leaves for Hollywood.

Ahh- another note on the meeting with video footage. Well, if you were not there you missed out on some great footage of Steve Bayes. We had some rare footage of Steve preparing for his upcoming Ginger Snap cookie eating contest. He's going win hands down. You had to be there to get the jest of this. Steve is a great guy and club member with a good sense of humor. As we discussed at the last meeting- we are on the look out for Sponsors for next years events at Leicester. We are trying to find ways to raise money to reduce our cost to rent the track and offer opportunities to Buick Racers outside of our club to attend at a reduced cost with the sponsors benefiting at the same time. Also, Steve Bayes has made contact with local radio auto specialist Tom Torburenson. He MAY broadcast his show from one of our two race events. Think about it, maybe your employer of someone you know may be interested. Maybe you know a tire shop owner or some repair shop who may gain from sponsoring one of our events. I will be in touch with Jack Cotton out Mass. and their club etc. Overall, we hope to make the event larger and less expensive to you and your club. Call me or e-mail me ( with any info or thoughts you have.

If I do not hear from you before the next meeting- I wish you and yours a very SAFE and HAPPY holiday season. See Ya. Bye, Larry

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